IMG_0279Welcome to Funway BallTM.

Funway BallTM is a great baseball tabletop game, for children as young as eight and adults of all ages.

In fact, I like to think of it as “the greatest baseball tabletop game invented.”

Over the years, there have been many baseball tabletop games invented. These games have been board games that use spinners, marbles, dice or playing cards of all kinds. There have been coin-operated games and different kinds of arcade games, such as baseball pinball machines. There has even been a “tiddlely-wink” baseball table-top game!

Some tabletop games have used small metallic baseball men, others have used wooden discs or pegs.  Some games have been mechanical in nature in which the ball is delivered by one device and the bat swings by means of a spring action device.

There are baseball tabletop games named after Bob Feller, Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson.  Christy Mathewson created and sold a baseball tabletop game!

There have been all kinds of baseball tabletop games invented over the years.  Hundreds of them!

Many of these games have been games of chance and luck.  Funway BallTM is a game of skill.

In this website, I will give you a sneak preview into the world of Funway BallTM.

Funway BallTM is fun to play.  Just ask my grandchildren!

Andy Miser, Creator of Funway BallTM